Gemstones & Rudraksh
Mrs. Nalini Aneja
Specialist in Zodiac Stones
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Cats Eye Gemstones

Ketu Governs wisdom and aids in the cultivation of spirituality.Gem: Catís

Diamond Gemstones

Venus Governs beauty, charm, grace, romance and the expression of love.

Hessonit Gemstones

Rahu Governs fearlessness and perception of truth.

Rashi And Their Gemstone

Rashi Ratna is available in different colors as per the rashi or sun sign.

Yellow Sapphire

Jupiter Governs good fortune, wealth and success. Gem: Yellow sapphire

Blue Sapphire Gemstones

Saturn Gives order, stability, good reputation, success, Gem: Blue

Green Emerald Gemstones

Mercury Gem: Green emerald Semi-Precious Stones: Aquamarine

Red Coral Gemstones

Mars Gem: Red coral Semi-Precious Stones: Carnelian and bloodstone.

Ruby Gemstones

Sun Gem: Ruby Semi-Precious Stones: Red garnet, red spinal

Pearl Gemstones

Moon Gem: Pearl Semi-Precious Stones: Moonstone and freshwater

Shankh Mercury

Keeping Shankh Mercury at the place of work/business can enhance growth in business.

6 Mukhi Rudraksha

It is the most widely available rudraksha.Sins earned by forbidden acts