About Nalini Aneja
Mrs. Nalini Aneja
Specialist in Zodiac Stones
About Nalini Aneja
About Nalini Aneja

Working as a renowned Celebrity Rashi Ratna Expert, and Astrologer, Mrs. Nalini Aneja (Gold Medalist) has a Masters degree in Jyotish Shastra from Uttar Pradesh. She belongs to a family of Royal Astrologers from Saharanpur and has taken the responsibility to carry on the name and legacy of her forefathers to new limits and dimensions.
Young, suave and dynamic, Aneja ji is a gold medalist with an exceptionally good understanding of astrology and gemology.
Mrs. Aneja is well known astrologer amongst the famous. Paying back her knowledge and gifted power for the benefit of mankind. She has blessed thousand of peoples with her knowledge and skill.
She has been practicing for more than fifteen years. She has gone through thousand of horoscopes.
She has been guidance in all important areas of life i.e. Career, Business, Money, Love, Education, Property, Personal matters, Transfer, Success, Enemy, Marriage, Child Analysis, Couple Analysis, Partnership, Life Reading etc. many more.
She is acclaimed for her precise predictions and a very strong hold on Rashi Ratna and given suitable gems..
The right remedy, which can be as simple as guidance change the course of events. The right method to perform a task always aid success whether in career, business, marriage etc. or even life.